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My name is Kimberley, owner of The Mummy's Touch®.

I am a mummy to four children and a fur Mum to 4 cocker spaniels.

Thanks to my husband, who I have been married to for 13 years, made me a workshop in our garden which is home to The Mummy's Touch®, with ample space to create and store my products. A huge difference from the kitchen worktop that I started from, and is separate from the hustle and bustle of our busy family life. The benefits of having a builder as a husband!!!

What started off as a hobby to make wax melts for my own personal use, quickly turned into a passion and something much more than for myself and I wanted to be able to offer my melts to the wider community.

With almost 3 years of trading, I am grateful to my loyal customers who have made my business a success.

Creating personalized gifts for loved ones and friends brings me immense pleasure.

Thank you all for your support!

Lots of love,

Kimberley xx

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